Getting Started: the Farm

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Getting Started: the Farm

Postby rkda » Thu Jul 30, 2015 9:13 pm

This is what our farm looks like... (load the image in a new tab/window)

Starting in the top right corner and going clockwise...
    Master Power Button
    If this is green, power is on, if it's red power is off. The master power button controls the power for ALL robots on your farm. In addition, each robot has its own power button inside.

    Mission Log
    Missions - Quests - Tasks - Stuff to do - what ever you want to call it. If it's sparkly, you have new missions. Some of them have rewards. Some of them guide you to things you should probably be doing. Some of them are just for fun.

    This is the BIG help button. It does NOT provide ANY help whatsoever.
    What it does do, is turn on a bunch of little help buttons, which do provide helpful information. Turn it on, read a few of the little help messages, remember that they are there. At some point you will be looking at something and saying "How does this work?". Check the help...

    Menu / Settings
    It's all the non-game stuff.
      Help (about how to use the in-game help system)
      Tutorials (incase you want to do them all again)
      Settings (grab bag of stuff that doesn't belong anywhere else)
      Feedback/Report (If you find a bug, or have a suggestion to make the game better)
      About (all that stuff that nobody reads - credits - legal notices - etc.)
      Sign out - THIS ONE IS IMPORTANT - it saves your game.

    Find my Robot
    If you spam this button, it makes a bunch of big red arrows that point at your robot. Sometimes your robot gets lost in the trees, this helps. More importantly, the big red arrow is tappable, to open your robot. Hint: only make 1 big red arrow to open him, cause only the last one works. Even then, sometimes it's a little tricky to get it to work. If your robot is in a place where you can't get to it, use this, and with some fidgeting, you can eventually get control of your robot again.

    BitBuX - The premium currency. The game is free. Buy some BBX, so the developer gets paid. Oh, and you can spend them in the market for high priced items, and use them to help speed up some other tasks. One of the missions talks about this, you should probably do them.

    G/S/C - Gold / Silver / Copper
    The in game currency. The value of each coin is 100 times the value of the next smaller one. So, 217 copper = 2 silver 17 copper. Don't worry to much about it, the game does the math, and keeps your coin purse tidy.

    Where you keep the banner adds of course.

Next up, we have a look at the robot itself. Tap the robot to open it up...
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