Inventory Management - How to use Chests

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Inventory Management - How to use Chests

Postby rkda » Mon Jul 20, 2015 8:01 pm

As with many other games, inventory management quickly becomes an issue. The 4/6/8 slot chests can be built pretty early on, and pretty cheaply. Store stuff in them. Store lots of stuff in them. Put the chests way out of the way, and once they are placed, you never need to go near them again. I tend to keep mine in the original eye of the forrest.

The trick to making chests useful, is to cary one (the forge and kiln now count as small chests). You don't keep anything important in the chest you cary. When your inventory is full of some item you want to put in a drop the chest you are carrying on the ground, and then dump stuff into that chest. Then, before you pick that chest back up, you open the chest, and drag all the stuff from it, to another chest. When you want something back from a chest, you stop your robot someplace where you can see both the robot and the chest that has the stuff you want in it. Then you open that chest, and drag your items out and drop them on the robot.

You need to be able to plant pine trees, pick 1, and toss the other 3 kinds of pine seeds into a chest. It's ok to change which one you use once in a while (variety is more interesting some times) but at any given time, you only need 1 kind of pine seeds. When your pine seed stack is full, put half of them in a chest (I have one chest which just has 200 each of the 4 kinds of pine seeds in it). Next, craft them into Ironwood Seeds and Beachwood seeds. After you have enough of those, sell them. I sell thousands of pine seeds. You never need more than 1 full stack of each kind of seed in a chest, and maybe a second stack in inventory.
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