Up and Back Circuit (3/4)

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Up and Back Circuit (3/4)

Postby rkda » Sat Aug 15, 2015 12:08 am

This chip is ugly. However, the logic is fairly durable, and it does exactly what I want it to do.

(I will have another post, in my tutorial series, where I will talk in detail about the logic of this chip, and make some suggestions on how to clean it up, and improve on it.)

Left(1) run to the wall --- this drives the motion control chip
Left(2) single step --- motion control chip
Left(3) unused
Left(4) +/- Y --- direction control chip
Left(5) +/- X --- direction control chip

Right(1) wall sensor
Right(2) step (GPS sensor)
Right(3) unused
Right(4) reset - for when things go wrong
Right(5) GO!

When I apply power to the Go pin, my robot heads NW until it hits the wall, then goes SW 1 step, then SE to the other wall, then SW 1 more step.

The result is I can plow, or plant, or harvest 2 full rows with a single signal to the GO pin, and after it is done, it will be sitting at the start of the next row, ready to do what ever it needs to do for the next 2 rows.

This lets me plow a lot of ground, plant seeds, and harvest grown trees, with very little work on my part.

When planting seeds for instance, I plant 2 full rows of seeds (96), then change to the next seed, and plant 2 more rows, very quickly, with a single application of the soldering iron, and I never have to turn off the power to the robot.

The bot does all the work. Just like it's supposed to! :)

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