NEW FORUM MEMBERS: important info.

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NEW FORUM MEMBERS: important info.

Postby worfc » Mon Oct 12, 2015 7:40 am

Newly Registered User accounts won't be able to post in the forums until the account is approved by an admin or moderator.

When you first create an account, the forums software (phpBB) places you in the "Newly Registered Users" group. NRU posts are moderated and must be approved before showing up in the forums. We'll try to stay on top of it; it shouldn't take more than a day (hopefully, much less!). In addition, NRU are limited to only posting in the Introduce Yourself or Spammers Post Here forums.

Obviously, you'll want to use the Introduce Yourself forum. If you post to the Spammers one, your post might get lost in the noise and get deleted with the rest of the spam. Just post something intelligent & relevant to Introduce Yourself -- maybe say what brought you here or what you think about the game. if you're shy about posting publicly, send a PM to one of the Admins or Moderators and say something non-spammy about why you'd like to be approved for posting. There is a PM button under my name (I'm an admin) to the side of this post.

Yes, we realize that giving NRU access to Introduce Yourself means that spammers might post there, too. We'll work to keep that forum clean.

Our sincere apologies for the hassle; we will continue working to allow legitimate users post freely while doing our best to stem the tide of spam.

Welcome to the World of RoboFarmCraft forums; we look forward to hearing from you! :)
Posted by WORFC, board admin, moderator, game author.

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