"Reduce excessive tapping"

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"Reduce excessive tapping"

Postby worfc » Fri May 15, 2015 5:27 pm

During user tests (UT1, UT2), several people mentioned that it seemed like there was too much tapping, so I made a note "reduce excessive tapping."

I think I've done that pretty well for Alpha & Beta, but I'm going to keep the to-do task open ("case 247", in case I forget) and I wanted to ask you-all what you think, now-a-days.

In particular...

* Where are there tasks that require more tapping than you think there should be?
* How do you think the UI should work so that it will be more streamlined, especially with less tapping?

Posted by WORFC, board admin, moderator, game author.

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Re: "Reduce excessive tapping"

Postby noivad » Tue Jul 21, 2015 1:32 pm

I’m still mulling this one over. I think my suggestions about allowing multiple tool inputs and outputs (MIMO) would allow smarter players to craft circuit paths that after using a saw, stop the robot, and then “script” and action that paused long enough to pick up all the spoils of “sawage!” :)

If I think of a better way to do this, I’ll post.

One quick way would be to allow the building of a manual switch (like the robot power switch to insert into specific parts of a circuit. So, I could temporarily turn off “move south” to get a robot out of a corner instead of having to click the trace to break that part of the circuit, then drag it back down to reconnect it.

A simple manual toggle switch would probably be a very popular control & be about half the resource expense of a flip-flip too… until a player could craft better sensors/parts.
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