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Postby rkda » Sun May 17, 2015 12:34 pm

It would be nice to have some player inter-actable control(s) other than the on/off switch.
There could be several flavors:
Momentary Pushbutton (bumpers act this way)
Push On / Push Off (the power switch is one of these)
SPST (light switch)
SPDTCO (Turn signal)
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Re: Switches

Postby worfc » Sun May 17, 2015 1:25 pm

What would those things do? If they're "player interactive", it seems like they should interact with something.

While this is open to discussion (some ;) ), a big part of "the whole point of the game" is that the user can't actually do any farming but, rather, has to coerce the robots to do farming. Hence, everything centers around getting the robots to do work.

In fact, just to give a quick preview of Things To Come, at some point, we'll add the ability for robots to craft items and make inventory selections. Once that's all working, stable and The Preferred Way, "manual" (player) crafting and inventory selection may go away.

Also, The Future WoRFC will contain slightly more advanced circuitry beyond TTL logic gates. For example, a 4-character text register, along with a 4-character text comparator ("does the signal on this line match this text?"), is in the works. I don't have all the details, yet, but this may be involved in helping the robot select items from inventory, for crafting, to send messages (other than binary) to other robots via antenna, etc.

Also "coming soon™' will be some sort of "Lab" for experimenting off-farm.

But that's all just background information to help us talk more about what you want your fancy switches to do.

Lastly, as an aside, I'm pretty sure that you can create all the switches you asked for given the gates currently available. You'll probably have to craft your way up to chips, though, to keep things organized.

(Wait a week or 2 until I put "save game" back in! Doing that all in one session would be a royal PITA! :) )
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