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Re: Allow selling for 0 coins?

Postby worfc » Sat Aug 08, 2015 7:36 pm

Denis wrote:ok I'm not sure if you mean it was a bug or I should have opened that help before that. No matter.

The bug is: there's not a good game-play way to get that help or expose the pins. You have to read the tutorial, and it's on a "show once" dialog.

Is there a way to get that help that came with the new pins back? I was partway through it but my robot needed attention and I closed the help to attend to him and now I can't find the help.

Well, if you didn't check "don't tell me again", it should come up again when you hit the same help again. :)
No, wait -- because it only comes up as you unlock the feature.

Ok, so here's a dumb work around. (I know: it's dumb! I've written a bug to make it less-dumb. This is the workaround for until I fix it.)

Turns out that the DEMO farm never saves. So even if you unlock the feature, the farm doesn't save, and it's not-unlocked again next time. So, if you want to carefully read (and memorize! ;) ) the help-text, you can launch demo farm, play the tutorial, and get the little popup one-time thing.

Sorry. Yes, that's a sucky answer. This is why we do Beta: despite what others may have told you; I am very-very far from perfect! ;)

(And thanks for again finding flaws! Your pain helps smooth the path for future worfc-ers. :) )
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