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Postby Denis » Sat Aug 15, 2015 7:33 pm

I'm not there yet, but soon I might want to switch tool automatically. I noted there was a 'select next tool' pin on the tools drawer. I can see using that with a comparator or something to get the tool I want.

But: before I get fancy things like a tool comparator, would it be possible to order the tools in the tools' drawer in order of normal use? I mean, if the hoe was before the dibble for instance (and not separated by the generator).

For bonus points: And if I had a 'select previous tool' pin in addition to the 'select next tool', or even better, another pin to toggle the 'select next/previous tool', then I could make some automation before getting all the fancy stuff.
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Re: Select next tool

Postby Denis » Tue Aug 18, 2015 3:15 pm

Any chance of this before release? Not a good idea because of something I am not seeing?
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Re: Select next tool

Postby worfc » Thu Aug 20, 2015 9:22 am

Before release: So, here's a funny thing: if I had all the artwork done, I'd submit to Apple today. However, I don't, so I'm just picking all the little things I can and cleaning them up while I wait for final art. (I also have to re-do all the help animations with new art, once it's in.) So, right now, I'm mostly doing UI tweaks and bug fixes, and avoiding doing anything "too big" that might break something.

That said, I occasionally get ambitious and tackle something a little bigger. This would be a good candidate for that category of thing. No promises, I'm just letting you know what's going on here at Worfc-Intergalactic-Headquarters. <G>

Tool selection: Oh, there's so much good news and some comical bits of bad news here -- where to begin?

Select-O-Matic: The thing you really want is the doesn't-exist-yet SoM. It's basic operation will be that you set it up with 1-3 inventory items (details TBD), then it has 3 pins and, when you hot one of them, it selects that inventory item for you.

Select next pin: As you apply power, it selects the next thing in line, ending with "nothing selected", then starting over. As you guessed, it is designed to use with a comparator, so you can stop on the item you want. Except... gate delay. So now you have to fire a one-shot at the select-next pin, then wait a couple of cycles, then check the comparator, then loop, as desired.

But...! There is such a thing as an "item-signal" (more in a bit.) If the hot that you apply to select-next contains an item-signal, and you own some of that item, then that is the thing selected. (If you don't own any, it does select-none.)

Item signals: Pins that deal with items output items signals. When that pin is hot, it also carries info about the item that made it hot. For example, bumpers send the signal that tells what they bumped. This is the signal that the item comparator checks to see if you bumped (for example) an ironwood tree. Perhaps more familiar: the grabber, when hot, sends a signal of what it is grabbing. The "put in inventory" pin reads that signal and puts that item into inventory.

Signal probe: A thing I keep promising myself ("Soon!" ;) ) is a signal probe -- some sort of thing you can touch to a line to see what signals are on it. The main thing slowing me down is that I'm not sure what the UI is for when there are a lot of signals.

NOTE: if you feed 2 pins-with-signals into an OR gate, the output has both sets of signals. (AND and XOR work as expected. NOT blocks; LATCHes & NODEs pass-through.) There are other ways to get lots of signals on a line.

Ordering inventory: See reply to Noivad. Short vsn: yes, not-sucky-inventory is On The List!

Select previous: Ack! Um... "maybe." What's-a-matter, your robot isn't cluttered enough with pins over there?!?! ;)
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