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It's all in the details

PostPosted: Tue Aug 18, 2015 3:13 pm
by Denis
Hey there!
I saw the latest update: very nice artwork! Great job art-people! :)

I don't know if you did anything about some of the nodes not showing after an update but everything showed this time.

Since this is the final stretch before release, I'm going to put little things in this thread as I see them.

For instance, in the technology panel (accessed by the 'brain' icon): the selected technology has a white text in a light grey background. This is too low contrast. Maybe make the text black (inverted from the other rows) or something.

In the main farm view, there is a green panel in the middle at the top that gets you back to the splash screen, I find it too empty ;)

That's all for now. Again, looking good!

Re: It's all in the details

PostPosted: Thu Aug 20, 2015 9:06 am
by worfc
I passed your compliment to the art-department. She says:
:D wow!!!
Thank you, that comment made my day!

Attacking the "robot-interior display is wonky" is an ongoing battle. I'd swear that nothing tricky is going on, there, yet display issues continue to plague me. I'm glad your nodes show up; mine don't, always. :\

Low contrast study: Ah, good one. I saw that a while back and forgot to write it up. (See? But reports: good!*)

Banner button: Close! Well, what you say is correct but, just FYI, what I call "splash screen" is the image with the boss-bot in the rocking chair and the minion-bots chasing around the farm (there's a chicken). A muted "splash" is behind the login screen. The thing you're talking about is "daily banners", which are actually something of an annoyance, right now, I should really take them out. Their purpose is to allow me to put up little 1-3 day blurbs like "Now, with 50% more chickens!", or whatever. They come from the cloud, meaning I can update them on the fly.

But, yes, the banners-button is too empty. I'll speak with Ms. Art Department about that. :)

* So, the thing is: I'm happy to get your reports any way you send them. Here, via email, in-game bug reporter, smoke-signals, whatever! However, here's what typically happens with various bug-report submissions styles:

Posted to forum: I reply. We discuss. I say "ooo, good idea" and, if I think about it, I enter a bug into the bug base. Sometimes I forget.

Sent via email: I reply. We discuss. I say "ooo, good idea" and, if I think about it, I enter a bug into the bug base. Sometimes I forget.

Via in-game bug-reporter (or anything that sends email to that same cases@ address): Your comment goes directly into the bug database, so I can't possibly forget. I see it there several times a day because, as I finish each thing I'm working on, I look at the list to see what's next. I reply. We discuss. Your idea does not fall through the cracks.

NOTE: I got both of these already, no need to re-file. :)

NOTE: Again, any bug report is better than no bug report at all, but it's nicer for me if you send them one-thing-to-fix per mail. This has to do with how my case-tracker presents me with a list of abbreviated subject-lines in a scrolling list. (Similar to how displays just a small amount of the full email in the scrolling list that you scan.)

Bottom line: Do whatever works for you. I'm happy to just get the feedback, one way or another, and it will eventually soak into my consciousness. All I'm saying here is: if it's no different to you, then there are things you can do to "trick me" into seeing your reports sooner and more prominently. My suggestions here are for how to "hack the developer." :)

All that said: I also strongly encourage hashing-out of ideas here in the forums -- that's the whole purpose of the "how should it work?" forum, in fact! There are certain things that you'll think ought to be one way and I'll think ought to be one way (we may agree or disagree, doesn't matter) but, when put before a wider audience, we'll both learn things that we hadn't considered. So that's good, too!

But, for obvious bugs, or anything that's in the "I'm done discussing; here's my suggestion" category, the cases@ email gets those things directly into the bug database. :)

Re: It's all in the details

PostPosted: Thu Aug 20, 2015 10:02 am
by Denis
Ok I'll try to send more of those through the bug reporter. Here are a few notes from my POV :)

- I tend to use these tools (in-game bug reporter) only for "real bugs" as a reflex. I can see you want more issues and suggestions to go through that as well and I'll try that, but the 'reflex' to use that route is really triggered by freezes or crashes (for me). For other things, like 'not so important' things and 'suggestions', I feel bad cluttering the issues tracker with. Again, as a reflex, but I read how you'd prefer that.

- I'm only one guy and I may not see "the whole picture," so I post things on the forum expecting a discussion to follow, not only with you but with other beta testers as well. Admittedly, this has not really happened *much* (the part "with other testers", except for rdka and noivad). So I guess you and I can have conversation through emails following my bug report submissions (but see the last note below).

- Submitting bug reports through the in-game interface means I have to use the iPad mail app to explain things. Typing is slower, putting images is a lot harder (screen shots made on the iPad are too big to post in the forum "as is", I need to convert them to low-res JPG first, something which I'm not equipped to do on my iPad, so I need to transfer images to the mac, open an app, convert the image to low-res JPG to post). I'm not saying it's not doable from the iPad, I just haven't found a good way to do it, and it's more work.

- I guess that other testers use the bug reporter a lot more than I do. Either that or they don't have much to report if this forum is how they communicate. The thing with that (the fact that other testers report through in-game mechanism) is that I don't get to see what they say, what their problems/concerns/suggestions are.

Re: It's all in the details

PostPosted: Thu Aug 20, 2015 10:11 am
by worfc
All understood and agreed. Like I said: any report is better than no report! To your specific points:

Reflex: "Any report is better than no report!" :)

Whole picture: Yeah, same thing here. That was the point of my "all that said, discussion is good" comment at the end.

iPad email: You can use the same email address on your "real" computer, if you like -- it still goes directly into the bug base.

Size of reports: I don't want to steal their thunder; I'll let the others brag to you about how many megabytes of bug-report they can fit into a single email. ;)

But, yeah -- I've got NO COMPLAINTS about reports here. I only meant to point out that I sometimes forget to transfer them to the bug base. (Not often -- I'm pretty conscientious about it! It probably has to do with how many at a time appear and whether or not I'm caffeinated, yet. :) )

Re: It's all in the details

PostPosted: Thu Aug 20, 2015 10:19 am
by Denis
worfc wrote:I don't want to steal their thunder

But you do! I don't see any of it, you keep it all to yourself! :)

That was the whole point. I don't see what's in your bug tracker. I see what's in this forum.