Frankly, I Can't Figure Out What to Do

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Frankly, I Can't Figure Out What to Do

Postby JoeRigney » Wed May 20, 2015 11:00 pm

So, I have a suggested activity- "let's Get moving"

And I am told I should "use the soldering iron to apply power to the thruster."

And I figured out where the soldering iron is, how to solder, and how to see the eye view (none of these activities were easy or obvious to figure out, but I banged around and got there.

But I cannot figure out what is a thruster. The names of things need to be much more obvious - I think I figured out which item is the battery, but i have no idea which item is a thruster. And maybe the item I think is a battery really isn't a battery.

I was able to figure out how to solder, but even that was not particularly obvious - the video helped, but it was pretty random that I watched it at all.

I think the game needs a lot more in app guided instructions on how to play. At this point, I am utterly perplexed.
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Re: Frankly, I Can't Figure Out What to Do

Postby worfc » Thu May 21, 2015 7:09 am

Excellent feedback!

I'm sorry that you're perplexed, though. Shoot! I wish I'd had someone like you in the User Tests (where I personally observe/video someone trying to go through the first several steps of the game), so I could have gotten a good sense of where you were getting hung up.

I'll try to do more in terms of more detailed in-game guidance.

IT IS AN IMPORTANT GOAL OF WORFC THAT IT BE APPROACHABLE AND EASY TO USE for everyone. Please don't hesitate to let me know what other types of things are not clear, and/or offer suggestions for making things more-clear.

In the mean time, here are a few hints:

* In the lower-right corner is a Robo-menu, the top item is Help & Tutorials. The first item is A look at the Robot Interior. NOTE: The images are from an earlier version, so things aren't positioned exactly the same, but it should otherwise be useful, there.
* If you press the big (?) help button, it shows lots of little (?) help buttons. Near each thing is a short video or blurb about what it is, does or how to work it.
* Inside the robot, Thrusters are the white arrow-looking things. The left-facing arrow thrusts him to the left, etc.
* Robot Bumpers are the car-bumper looking things. The left-facing bumper feels if we bumped something to the left, etc. (NOTE: This artwork will be updated to something more intuitive. As I mentioned in the release notes, nearly all the game-art is just placeholder, for now.
* Each thing that can be connected is either an Input (has a receptacle/cup) or an Output (slightly pointed end.) When you solder power to an input, such as a Thruster, it causes something to happen (the robot moves.) Similarly, when the appropriate thing happens, an Output becomes powered and that signal can be used as desired. For example, when the robot bumps something, the appropriate Bumper Output is activated.
* The Help & Tutorials titled Simple Robot Wiring will walk you through how you might connect-up a simple robot.
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