Robot mask change

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Robot mask change

Postby Denis » Wed Jul 15, 2015 11:21 am

You changed the robot's mask so that it's near the axle, which makes more sense in general.

A few observation regarding this. When hoeing in the NE direction, the action of the robot is directly underneath its wheel, but when planting in the SW direction it's more in front of it. The difference in behaviour is noticeable (and inconsistent IMO).

Picking up things require the robot to be precisely on top of things. I am still not completely clear on how this works exactly (not a long enough observation period since the change). I've read the release notes about the changes in the bumpers and I was surprised that the bumpers were involved in grabbing stuff (I guess I expected there were sensors looking for things to pick up around the robot). I wasn't expecting that standing just beside a pile of stuff doesn't allow for grabbing, while standing precisely on top does. Isn't the grabber picking things around the robot? Is it just in front of it (in an arc in front of it)?
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Re: Robot mask change

Postby rkda » Sun Jul 19, 2015 1:15 am

The robot's current (and as far as I can tell, intended) behavior is that when standing still, it will pick up stuff only in the space the robot is standing. If the robot is moving, it will grab 1 item per step, checking first, the space in front of the robot, and then left or right, and then right or left (it checks both, but not in a predictable order), and will pick up the first item sensed.

If you are mowing down a row of trees, the robot will still only pick up 1 item per step, but then it's standing still for a few seconds while the saw runs, which gives time to pick up other things the robot is now standing on (the things cut from the previous tree).
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Re: Robot mask change

Postby worfc » Sun Jul 19, 2015 4:09 pm

As of the new "feelings fixes" (Beta-2), this works much more like you might expect, and certainly better from the player-perspective. While sawing trees, I was able to leave a clear path behind me.

NOTE: the robot picks up things in the same cell that he's in[1]. However, there's a funny thing about "what cell the Robot is in" when he's moving. Movement currently works like this:

* Change the robot's cell-coordinates to the new location.
* Animate the robot into the new location.

So it looks like the robot is picking up "in front of" himself, but it's really "the cell he's in", there's just a brief delay while the avatar catches up to the database.

In some future release, movement will be updated to do this:

* Move 1/2 way to the new location.
* Update the robot's cell-coordinates
* Finish-out the movement.

thus, where the robot appears to be (on the screen) will match where he is (in the database.)

[1] Also in Beta-2: cell grid display, optionally turn-off-able.
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