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Re: Game progression rate

Postby noivad » Thu Jul 23, 2015 5:53 pm

worfc wrote:
noivad wrote:Have you drawn out a map of the BOM tree and added the time to grow materials? If you did that you could see where the game slows down and adjust accordingly.

Yes. That's exactly how we got to where we are now. Turns out that it's a bit trickier than just "look at the numbers and make adjustments".

As I've mentioned before, the latest trick is how to make things go faster for slow players, while not making it to too fast for fast players, all while not making things more of a grind. (If you're reading while waiting for your robot to catch up, that's already A Bad Sign; I don't want to go further down that road!)

I appreciate your sticking it out while I work on getting more fun things/solvable challenges into the game while removing grind.

Inventory-full indicator: Nice. On the list for next week. Programming it to do what you want is already in-game.

2 games: No, I'm trying to fix things so that, without inundating the new user with too much all at once, you can get to where you can proceed apace. That's why I lowered the price of gates significantly for this next update.

As before, you guys might be beyond the point where that's helpful to you, but I'm also soliciting additional Beta users, so we can get a fresh-run at the "start game" perspective as it changes. (Yes, any of the existing beta-folk could reset & start again, but that's not quite the same. Still useful information, just not as much info as what comes from a true-newbie.)

Eat your own dogfood I'm a firm believer, and I do believe I recently posted my commitment to do just that! :)

(Various-level save-farms): yeah, that too. You gotta keep up with the posts, man! ;)

Thanks again for your help.

Yeah, sorry about not keeping up. I only have so much time to devote to each thing I’m doing, as do we all. But I’m glad others are of the same mindset—the fact that these ideas are being independently discovered only reinforces that it’s a good idea to at least try if not THE idea that works (like how, television, radio & the incandescent light were all being worked on and more than one person and there’s still a question of who invented what, when). Before I ask the next logical BOM Q, I’ll go look for the answer…
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Re: Game progression rate

Postby worfc » Thu Jul 23, 2015 6:01 pm

noivad wrote:Yeah, sorry about not keeping up. I only have so much time [...] Before I ask the next logical BOM Q, I’ll go look for the answer…

No, no -- it's all good. I was just teasing (surely, by now, you know that's in my blood!)

And I do appreciate the discussion. And hearing the same thing from multiple people. I'm a big fan of "you & I can come up with smart ideas all day long but, until it goes in front of 10,000 users and we hear back from them, we really don't know squat."

Obviously, we can learn from the millions of users who have gone before on similar paths, but I'm not always as clever as I'd like in recognizing how thing-A is similar to thing-B.

"That's why I hire smart beta-testers" ;)

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