How to write bug reports, suggestions, etc.

It's better to use the in-game bug-reporter but, if you absolutely must, go ahead and tell us all about it, here.

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How to write bug reports, suggestions, etc.

Postby worfc » Tue Jun 09, 2015 3:53 pm

It is far better to get an unnecessary bug report than to not-get an important one. Hence, if you see something wrong -- or even just "not right" -- with the app, please report it.

At the bottom-most level, any report is better than no report at all. However, if you feel like going the extra mile to help us fix the problem, a great bug report has these features:

    * List of steps needed to reproduce the problem.
       This helps us to see the same thing you're seeing.
    * What happened that was not what you expected
       This helps us to know that we've gotten to the problem-area.
    * What you expected to happen, instead.
       This helps us to know when we've fixed the problem.
    * Any other information that might help us narrow things down (crash logs, what you were doing right before the problem, etc.)

An example of a well-written bug report:

    * Launch worfc.
    * Tap robot to view interior.
    * Wire left-thruster to any power source (i.e.: battery indicator)
    * Turn-on robot and system power.
    ** EXPECTED: Robot moves LEFT.
    ** ACTUAL: Robot moves UP.

The best place to report bugs is here in the forums.

The Gameplay Feedback and Bug Reports forums are good places to to report-on and discuss those things. We actively monitor those forums in particular.
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