How to report CRASHING bugs

It's better to use the in-game bug-reporter but, if you absolutely must, go ahead and tell us all about it, here.

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How to report CRASHING bugs

Postby worfc » Mon May 18, 2015 4:50 pm

If the app crashes, quits unexpectedly, hangs, freezes or otherwise becomes unplayable, PLEASE REPORT IT!

Crashed apps usually leave a "Crash log". The most helpful thing you can do is forward this along. Instructions for collecting crash-logs from your device can be found at:

If the crash was a problem with worfc itself, the log-name will contain "worfc". If it's a memory or other issue, it may be called "memory-xxx..." or "baseband-xxx..." The easiest way to find the correct log is to sort the files by date and find the one that's at or near your crash-time.

Here is another way (From Apple's Tech Note 1747)
1) Open Settings app
2) Go to Privacy, then Diagnostics & Usage
3) Select Diagnostics & Usage Data
4) Locate the log for the crashed app. The logs will be named in the format: <AppName>_<DateTime>_<DeviceName>
5) Select the desired log and using the text selection UI select the entire text of the log, then select Copy
6) Paste the copied text to Mail and send to an email address as desired

PLEASE CONSIDER enabling auto-send and Share With App Developers in that same privacy settings area. It helps us to make better software.

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