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WoRFC v1.13 release notes

Postby worfc » Thu Jun 02, 2016 3:21 pm

Release/Change Notes for World of RoboFarmCraft   v1.13 (8379) : "Wish-list, misc improvements & bug fixes"

Notes about upcoming releases at at the end of each release notes forum post.

v1.13 (8041) : "Crews, part 2"
    * Submitted to QA: Jun 2, 2016
    * Submitted to Apple for review: Jun 2, 2016
    * Available in the App Store: ???, 2016

"Big News" items

    * Crew messaging has been added. A sort of mini-chat system, with the understanding that communication is likely not real time.
    * More crew bonuses. The crew-treasury is augmented any time a member purchases BitBucks (BBX).
    * Initial VIP levels (more coming, bigger announcement then.) Any IAP purchase gives additional bonuses in many areas.
    * "About a gazillion" small bug fixes and general enhancements.

Code changes:

    * vsn bump for archive
    * bugzid: 1370 refactor-out UD_LAST_SAVE_TIME (dumb way to pass global)
    * Merge branch 'worfc-v1.12'
    * bugzid: 1813 L-rewards signaure includes save token
    * reduce debug logging
    * bugzid: 1817 farm-title editing (login page) doesn't stick
    * bump vsn to 1.13 for development
    * add chartboost (3rd party)
    * merge fix so music doesn't stop on dismisVC
    * vsn to v1.12.1 for bug fix release
    * build# bump for archive
    * Merge branch 'worfc.v1.12.1'
    * make sure item-selected pins are live as soon as robot powers on
    * Accept both old & new rewards signature styles until v1.15 (when we'll accept new-only)
    * cruft removal
    * bugzid: 1833 crafting a basic workbench gives achievement unlocked: artisan
    * bugzid: 1837 save reward keys; don't re-process same key
    * bugzid: 1771 recognize [correct] crew bonus signature from server
    * update level-up message to account for max and all-max
    * create (empty) mac target
    * common cleanup
    * item tabs don't display item count if count == 1
    * bugzid: 1334 no-displayDelegate warning
    * bugzid: 1833 crafting item with no tools gives achievement unlocked: artisan
    * add, then comment-out recover-farms hack
    * fix sfx-off toggle
    * fix potential nil value in @sync() (MFBackgroundTrackPlayer)
    * bugzid: 1436 crew-points for member buying BBX
    * add Chameleon frameworks to os-x target
    * update VIP-levels
    * bugzid: 1737 user can reset invite code
    * vsn => 1.12.2 for bug fix
    * build# bump after archive
    * Merge branch 'worfc-v1.12.2'
    * send new-style hash on save-farm
    * centralize 'myfarm-...' logic
    * use64 flag on upload farm
    * bugzid: 1844 turn off timed-object logging before ship
    * add refresh button to crew-msg view
    * bugzid: 1848 crash on local farm => hurry up => save
    * Refactor call to moveContainedObject:toIndex: to inside insertObject:intoView:atIndex: to hopefully help with 1843 (layer sorting)
    * bugzid: 1850 when powerup is all used up, its display/label doesn't disappear
    (this time, sort by where the object -would-be-, if it had a superview, even if it doesn't)
    * fix tree-layer sorting again.
    * sort mobiles-behind-items/chests before anchor spot
    * fix to not double (triple?) deduct chip-power
    * Cruft cleanup
    * don't use programed sensors (or other 'in use' items) for crafting ingredients
    * bugzid: 1853 show disallowed crafting ingredients in short list
    * bugzid: 1854 editing farm name crashes
    * remove debug logging for (1854)
    * bugzid: 1819 when study-brain is hidden (Russ), hide techLabel, too
    * bugzid: 1856 loyalty rewards for same-rewards/day prepped to be not-duplicate-key after v1.15
    * bugzid: 1851 inventory selected pin powered correctly at farm-launch.
    * bugzid: 1843 tree layering
    * remove debug logging and failed attempts for tree-layering fix
    * call putItemOnGround in main queue
    * bugzid: 1857 duplicate crew msgs.
    * improved security for plist signing
    * refactor/cleanup KEY_KEY => KEY_DICT_KEY
    * Allow duplicate loyalty keys for now.
    * Use callback to supress repeated 'network failed' messages
    * add MFAlertControllerDelegate and implement callback.
    * Crew Messaging (v1)
    * build# bump for submit

Content changes:

    * tweak early missions, suggest West corner.
    * bugzid: 1808 move Finding Robots mission up before Nodes/power
    * add vip tips
    * add cheer sound.
    * fix non-ascii character in missions
    * add reload buttons
    * fix crafting robot antenna requires SPP (1) + SPP (1)
    * add comments to which pine is which
    * updated spark #s

Server changes:

    * bugzid: 1743 limit guild-members (+open invites) to 16
    * bugzid: 1813 L-rewards signaure includes save token
    * send old-style rewards signature until v1.15, when we'll start enforcing new style
    * bugzid: 1771 send correct signature for crew bonuses
    * Disallow mis-signed farms
    * bugzid: 1737 reset invite code
    * rename existing hashing function to make room for hash64 version
    * accept new hash64 on save farm
    * fix db-prep to not log db-config info
    * Merge branch 'master' into worfc-v1.13
    * Send abbreviated farm name in 'farm saved' msg
    * return status 200 if no farm to delete
    * include 'farm deleted' msg if no farm to delete
    * cruft removal
    * loyalty rewards to send new (non-duplicate) key after v1.15
    * basic messaging (nothing fancy) implemented

On The List!

NOTE: "The List" is updated to keep up with user feedback; your feedback matters! Everything that we've previously talked about is still "on the list", though "early user experience", "social features" and "less obstreperous game-play/UI" are being prioritized.

Plans for upcoming releases as of Jun 2, 2016:

v1.14: Focus on "first 10 minutes" user experience + VIP levels.

v1.15: Massa-bot services and other fun ways to spend your gold.

v1.16: More circuitry.

v1.17: Misc/Wish-list.

v1.18: Security.

"Eventually" ("Soon!"??): WoRFC on Apple-TV. (Or maybe Desktop. We're still thinking about the best way to go, here.)

vFuture: 100s of great ideas that I need to sort into planned releases and then release them.
Posted by WORFC, board admin, moderator, game author.

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