WoRFC v1.5.5 release notes

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WoRFC v1.5.5 release notes

Postby worfc » Thu Dec 10, 2015 8:28 pm

Prior to v1.5, release notes were on the web site.

v1.5's release notes are both there and here.
In the future, release notes will be posted only here, in the forums.
Notes about upcoming releases will be at the end of each release notes forum post.

Release/Change Notes for World of RoboFarmCraft v1.5.5: "More decorations"

    * Submitted to QA Dec 10, 2015
    * Submitted to Apple for review Dec 14, 2015
    * Available in the App Store Dec 18, 2015

"Big News" items

    * More farm decorations! Gnomes! Flamingos! Everything you need to make that farm stylin'! :)
    * Robot optimizations
    * Store and load robot layouts, allowing for more-better circuit experimentation.

Code changes:

    * bump vsn to v1.6
    * mission tweaks
    * reduce battery-low telemetry
    * bugzid: 1455 hurry-up gives double-trees
    * remove log chatter
    * bugzid: 1458 gates drawer touch issues
    * added WorfcInventory project to allow experimental work/testing for Deep-inventory (and maybe multi-stack)
    * bugzid: 1465 BoM now correctly reports costs for items with BoM that includes 2-at-a-time ingredients.
      * NOTE: No actual change in to-craft costs; this just represents more-correct BoM reporting.
      * (Example: charcoal, which is crafted 2 at a time, was mis-reported as requiring 2x the materials)
    * bugzid: 1395 add decorations
    * bugzid: 1469 better stacking of decorations
    * disable delete-farm until it's ready
    * warnings on load-circuit (for QA)
    * bump vsn (down) to v1.5.5, in prep for QA, submission
    * Allow user to save the current robot layout, then reload it again later
    * cruft removal
    * bugzid: 1475 craft 'short list' tap now correctly accounts for 'makes 2 at a time' in crafting-needed qty
    * bugzid: 1459 'why isnt popover nil' on HurryAlong
    * Tool optimizations ("powerups") work
    * bugzid: 1476 fix crash in shovel/clay analytics
    * no optimization purchases on local farm
    * powerups unlocked at collect-30-wood
    * remove delete-farm (not enough testing)

Content changes:

    * missions/help tweaks
    * ease gate-seed chance-to-fail a bit
    * add decor-vc buttons
    * mission wording tweaks
    * add decorations to market
    * fix robot vs decorations
    * add saved sound; help tweaks
    * add facebook ad images
    * power up image
    * new tool images
    * add 167 (ipad pro) icon
    * add robot-optimiations help
    * powerups pricing
    * add psd file for powerup button
    * optimization help updates

Server changes:

    * change name of farm-backup directory to match pattern
    * fix backup script to use soft links
    * add backup-db script and skeletal admin-tasks
    * add doDelete code to login (not active on live server)

On The List!

NOTE: "The List" has been changing a bit, lately. Everything that I've talked about is still "on the list", but I've been shuffling "early user experience", "social features" and "less obstreperous game-play/UI" to the top, as I think those items are most-critical.

Plans for upcoming releases as of Dec 10, 2015:

v1.6: More "app innards", bug fixes, cleanup and Robo-Guilds, Delete-farm

v1.7: Focus on soldering UI. (It's long been a weak spot of the game, and I hope to make it much-much-less-sucky.)

v1.8: More circuits/automation.

v1.9: Misc catchup & overflow from items that were intended for earlier builds but slipped.

"Eventually" ("Soon!"??): WoRFC on Apple-TV.

vFuture: 100s of great ideas that I need to sort into planned releases and then release them.
Posted by WORFC, board admin, moderator, game author.

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