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Worfc v1.6 release notes

Postby worfc » Mon Dec 21, 2015 12:59 pm

Prior to v1.5, release notes were at on the web site.

Going foward, release notes will be posted only here, in the forums.
Notes about upcoming releases will be at the end of each release notes forum post.

Release/Change Notes for World of RoboFarmCraft v1.6(6445): "More App Innards"

    * Submitted to QA Dec 28, 2015
    * Submitted to Apple for review Jan 3, 2016[1]
    * Available in the App Store Jan 9, 2016

"Big News" items

    * Circuit-layout Store and Load greatly improved, including the addition of "Delete Circuit Layout".
    * Several UI annoyances fixed:
      * Solder pen is no longer blocked by help buttons or drawers
      * Fixes to store/load circuits
      * "Farm Saved" alert appearing over the top of "No Market Allowed" alert on locally-saved farms.
    * Delete extra farms.
    NOTE: Please be careful with this feature, there is NO UNDO!
    * Preparatory work in support of user-routable wiring.

Code changes:

    * bump vsn to v1.6 (more app innards)
    * bugzid: 1463 remove login cruft
    * bugzid: 1468 refactor decor flipped so it can be used by any object
    * bugzid: 1450 refactor decor -> object so anything can animate
    * Check for superfluous runInMainQueue:
    * bugzid: 1471 reduce WARN: messages that never happen (compress titles)
    * bugzid: 1262 small (?) help buttons block soldering iron grab
    * bugzid: 1299 robot drawers block soldering iron
    * bugzid: 1478 store/load circuit dropped chip-interior connections
    * bugzid: 458 cleanup magic numbers, hard coded strings, etc.
    * bugzid: 1483 grab order of stacked gates is 'bottom first'
    * bugzid: 1482 circuit layout load can leave off-screen traces
    * bugzid: 1480 circuit load can leave 'mini-gates'
    * bugzid: 1093 farm-saved alert shows over no-market alert
    * Prettier crafting-bonus display
    * bugzid: 1483 better power-up display
    * Work In Progress (WIP): New RfcWire object. Solder view uses wires.
    * internal support for auto-routing
    * update chip-handling code to use (new) externalPins method
    * (WIP) robot-zoom work
    * remove RfcWire from project, functionality is part of RfcConnector
    * project cleanup
    * qty-crafted now accounts for qty-at-a-time value
    * crafting short-list now forwards to tools
    * (WIP) guild-vc work.
    * bump vsn to v1.6 for preview QA
    * bugzid: 1453 allow delete farms
    * reduce flurry event-spread
    * groundwork for app notifications to be on a per-farm basis.
    * bugzid: 1150 gates load mis-aligned from their saved state
    * put electro-zapper on gesture recognizer, too
    * gates switched over to gestures
    * reduce log chatter
    * bugzid: 1492 feature unlocked powerups stops system power now.
    * bugzid: 1496 add keep-screen-awake (while robot is moving) setting
    * (WIP) work on saveToken (will enable Safeguard- and Restore-farm).
    * cruft removal
    * fix sim-only login code-blocks
    * Chips now have inventoryType, if they have contents
    * Fix load-circuit gestures
    * fix long-tap time for gates
    * fix real-user for debug-alt login
    * add rename-only to circuit-layout
    * Added telemetry for create-first-farm
    * update to Flurry SDK v7.3.0
    * add telemetry to banners
    * add logEvent:error to logError:
    * Chest-VC now allows if qty-selected is larger than stack
    * bugzid: 1500 circuit layout load/save fixed
    * fix item-sensor with wildcard (ex: any-rock sensor) multi-update (circuit load)
    * bugzid: 1516 circuit layout put-away gates drawer fixes
    * bugzid: 1514 add delete stored layout

Content changes:

    * move dirt/mined-dirt down to layer -5
    * layer adjustments
    * smaller, prettier NODEs

Server changes:

    * fix delete farm logic
    * (WIP) working on saveToken logic

On The List!

NOTE: "The List" changes to try to keep up with user feedback; your feedback matters! Everything that we've previously talked about is still "on the list", but "early user experience", "social features" and "less obstreperous game-play/UI" are being prioritized, as I think those items are most-critical.

Plans for upcoming releases as of Dec 21, 2015:

v1.6.5: A few "app innards" items that didn't make it into v1.6 due to lack of time. Most notably: Robot-guilds and support for Safeguard farms. Also prep-work for v1.7's big item: wire-routing.

v1.7: Focus on soldering UI. (It's long been a weak spot of the game, and I hope to make it much-much-less-sucky.)

v1.8: More circuits/automation.

v1.9: Misc catchup & overflow from items that were intended for earlier builds but slipped.

v1.10: ??? Maybe a collection of user wish-list ideas, if I can't come think of a good theme by then.

v1.11: ???

v1.12: ???

"Eventually" ("Soon!"??): WoRFC on Apple-TV.

vFuture: 100s of great ideas that I need to sort into planned releases and then release them.

[1] Bah! Found a stupid bug that prevented the (?) help buttons inside the robot from working. Had to re-submit to Apple, which means scooting back in the queue.
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