WoRFC v1.7 release notes

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WoRFC v1.7 release notes

Postby worfc » Mon Jan 18, 2016 6:03 pm

Prior to v1.5, release notes were at on the web site.

Going foward, release notes will be posted only here, in the forums.
Notes about upcoming releases at at the end of each release notes forum post.

Release/Change Notes for World of RoboFarmCraft v1.7(6860): "Focus on Soldering UX"

    * Submitted to QA: Jan 18, 2016
    * Submitted to Apple for review: Jan 19, 2016
    * Available in the App Store: Jan 26, 2016

"Big News" items

    * New Solder Tools Menu: Several new soldering tools: Colored wires, Wire-flipper, Wire-routing tool. Old-timers: Activate with solder-tools tutorial.
    * Improved Daily Loyalty Bonuses: More-better loyalty bonuses.
    * Some cleanup of the start-farm experience: It's much better than before, and future releases will continue to improve.

Code changes:

    * tweaks to sha256 (strlen crash in Flurry)
    * telemetry tweaks (bbx why)
    * bump vsn to 1.7 for development
    * bugzid: 1524 add solder-tools menu
    * don't create audio player if volume is 0
    * electrozap disabled in robot
    * refactor tools put-away code to simplify/bottleneck solder-tools behaviour
    * wire-color, wire-flip implemented.
    * refactor RfcNode => RfcGenericNode, to facilitate RfcRoutingNode
    * fix powersaw names (-B and -C)
    * add feature-unlock for solder-tools.
    * bugzid: 1559 add share on fb/twitter to daily loyalty bonus
    * add expermental-setting: diagonal wire-routes
    * bugzid: 1571 solder-tip now indicates wire color
    * bugzid: 1570 wire color is per-interior (so robot can be different color than chips, each different)
    * bugzid: smaller hit radius for routing pen (12 vice 30)
    * New infrastructure: MFFauxPopoverViewController (used by solder-tools menu)
    * bugzid: 1574 ElectroZap not 'live' until after it moves to 'safe' area

Content changes:

    * jan7 spark numbers
    * add solder-tools menu images
    * add wire-flip tool image
    * add wire-color tool images
    * add wire-routing tool icon
    * rename powersaw sounds correctly
    * updated solder tools images
    * rename routing-node images
    * updated help, loyalty
    * add tips list

Server changes:

    * bugzid: 1543 turn-off always-rewards on dev-server

On The List!

NOTE: "The List" changes to try to keep up with user feedback; your feedback matters! Everything that we've previously talked about is still "on the list", but "early user experience", "social features" and "less obstreperous game-play/UI" are being prioritized, as I think those items are most-critical.

Plans for upcoming releases as of Jan 18, 2016:

v1.7.5: Fix a bunch of items in the startup experience ("Russ"), including several bugs.

v1.8: More circuits/automation.

v1.9: Misc, wish-list, catchup & overflow from items that were intended for earlier builds but slipped.

v1.10: Guilds (phase 1).

v1.11: VIP levels.

v1.12: Misc/Wishlist.

v1.13: Guilds (phase 2).

v1.14: Focus on "first 10 minutes" user experience.

"Eventually" ("Soon!"??): WoRFC on Apple-TV.

vFuture: 100s of great ideas that I need to sort into planned releases and then release them.
Posted by WORFC, board admin, moderator, game author.

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