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WoRFC v1.5 Release Notes

Postby worfc » Sun Nov 29, 2015 6:57 pm

Prior to v1.5, release notes were on the web site.

v1.5's release notes are both there and here.
In the future, release notes will be posted only here, in the forums.
"On the list!" notes will be at the end of each release notes post.

Release/Change Notes for World of RoboFarmCraft v1.5: "New-user experience and big price reductions"

    * Submitted to QA Nov 29, 2015
    * Submitted to Apple for review Nov 30, 2015
    * Available in the App Store Dec ??, 2015

"Big News" items

    * iPad-Pro screen layouts!
    * BitBucks (BBX) have been split 31:1. If you had 10bbx before, now you have 310.
      * (This will allow us to fine tune bbx prices.)
      * Most BBX prices were reduced to 29/31 of their previous price. Several items were reduced even further.
      * Hurry-up prices reduced to 21/31 of their previous rate, in addition to better "bulk" discounts.
    * The New-User experience is greatly improved.
      * Introducing Russ, the example robot, and accompanying missions. Note that a description of Russ's innards is available in Help & Tutorials, for you "old timers."
    * The Computer Science study cap is raised, so you can have chip-in-chip-in-chip.
    * Lots of bug fixes and UI tweaks (see full list below).

Code changes:

    * bump vsn to v1.5
    * add label about preview before sharing to achievements.
      Also turn off system power, as advertised
    * telemetry fixes
    * bugzid: 1390 achievement for charging batteries
    * QA-MARK: object-creation change. Previously, an object's template values overrode its other values. Now additional values override the template.
    * mobile respects object alpha setting
    * bugzid: 1402 robot-finder buttons can double-up from scrolling (5+ robots)
    * tapered pricing for big multi-hurry things
    * add power-up goal (for mission)
    * fix so mission-goals <> missionIDs
    * hurry-up bbx split (31:1) and price-reduction (21/31 of previous price)
    * bbx 31:1 split and 21/31 price reduction complete
    * update to 2015-11-11 FacebookSDK
    * bugzid: 1410 make sensor-blank an inventory item (vice gate) to help differentiate
    * (revert) don't show missions if help-arrow is pointing at missions button
    * remove #if for allow chip-in-chip (it's been "in" for a while)
    * bugzid: 1409 gates put into inventory get have poweredBy set to nil (drain battery)
    * bugzid: 1408 chip-in-chip doesn't set poweredBy correctly
    * fix chip-pin-type when disconnecting
    * bugzid: 1403 chip pin alignment and connection-type fixes
    * fix incorrect hurry-up calc
    * bugzid: 1413 hang/crash on infinite while loop when CiC data is AFU
    * reduce log chatter
    * hide solderpen help button in Russ.
      Also: refactor hideStuffFromRusty
    * IAP-view improvements
    * sandbox iap purchases don't count
    * recognize scroll-to-bottom as a missiong goal. Also html-based missions
    * support 'find my robot' mission
    * bugzid: 1415 recognize farm-suffix (-2)
    * Remove startFarm.plist, replace with startFarm-2.plist (Russ)
    * delay dropInNewRobot to get correct view centering
    * fix lost last-item dragged out of gate drawer and returned
    * add 00- rusty images to project
    * add telemetry to achievements
    * cruft removal
    * bugzid: 1414 screen layouts for iPad-pro
    * pro-layout farm view tweaks (border)
    * bugzid: 1447 help browser layout
    * bugzid: 150 add Russ missions (incl salvage)
    * pretty printing
    * bugzid: 1448 don't set-up salvage button before mission is read
    * pretty-up chip notes view a bit
    * deal with decor picked-up/dropped
    * hurry-up price fix for > 48 hrs.
    * bugzid: 1449 initial solderpen/zapper placement in chips (non-pro)

Content changes:

    * bugzid: 1390 add achievement for recharge batteries
    * add rusty-bot
    * add fade image
    * fix so mission-goals <> missionIDs
    * 31:1 bbx split market prices & start bbx
    * missions tweaks
    * bugzid: 1410 new sensor-item icon
    * early-help tweaks
    * new iap-2 file (after split)
    * additional tiers of bbx
    * new startfarm is startFarm-2
    * add farm suffix (-2)
    * fix iron- copper- beach-seed sell pricing
    * bugzid: 1417 typo in NOT gate image
    * bugzid: 1418 typo in 03-not-a-tree.png
    * add AND to gate-logic tutorial
    * add 00- rusty images
    * key for missions-in-progress
    * raise CS-max to 8 (allowing CiCiC)
    * adjust Russ's inventory
    * add decoration images
    * add rusty tutorial
    * add rusty power/tools
    * updated images
    * bugzid: 150 add Russ missions (incl salvage)
    * fix image names
    * bugzid: 1448 fix salvage setup
    * start adding decor to market
    * add decor to tools
    * decor items postponed
    * startfarm-2 tweaks
    * force-reload salvage mission for testing

Server changes:

    * cruft cleanup
    * accept farm suffix on login
    * update utils to parse farm containing 'real'.
    * bugzid: 1415 recognize farm-suffix (-2)

On The List!

NOTE: "The List" has been changing a bit, lately. Everything that I've talked about is still "on the list", but I've been shuffling "early user experience", "social features" and "less obstreperous game-play/UI" to the top, as I think those items are most-critical. I also fell a bit behind as my "main" development computer went into the shop Monday of Thanksgiving week and, between multiple "that doesn't count!" repair-returns and holiday stuff and the fact that my laptop has minimal development tools, I've just been a bit behind. That said, I submitted v1.5 to Apple today, and I hope to get back on track for having a build ready to submit each time they approve one -- approximately 1/week -- until I get all the "critical" stuff done.

Ok, enough whining -- the list!

Plans for upcoming releases as of Nov 30, 2015:

v1.5.5: Additional Decorations (slipped out of v1.5), Delete excess farms (QA needs it), Several more opportunities to spend BBX (I need it ;) )
"Robo-Guilds" (suggestion for a better name welcomed!) if I can get them done in time.

v1.6: More "app innards", bug fixes, cleanup and Robo-Guilds, if they don't make v1.5.5

v1.7: Focus on soldering UI. (It's long been a weak spot of the game, and I hope to make it much-much-less-sucky.)

v1.8: More circuits/automation.

v1.9: Misc catchup & overflow from items that were intended for earlier builds but slipped.

"Eventually" ("Soon!"??): WoRFC on Apple-TV.

vFuture: 100s of great ideas that I need to sort into planned releases and then release them.
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