Motion Controller (2/4)

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Motion Controller (2/4)

Postby rkda » Sat Aug 15, 2015 12:02 am

This is a much more complicated circuit. makes moving your robot around the farm a whole lot easier.

I will try to describe the active pins, and how they are used.

Starting from the top left(1): this is the main output pin. It connects to the motion input pin on the Direction Control circuit.
Next we have left(2): this pin takes input from the GPS module of the robot. It indicates that we have moved 1 step each time it goes high.
Left(3) this output was used while I was testing the circuit. It indicates that we have completed intended motion.
Left(4) unused

Right (1) (up top) this pin is used to "Run to the wall"
Right (2) next we have the "I hit the wall" input, from the bumpers (and some other external logic)
Right (3) take 2 steps. It tries to take 2 steps, but if something blocks motion (a tree, a wall, a chest) it does not work at trying again.
Right (4) take 1 step!. This part of the circuit fires off a "take 1 step" pulse to the motion chip, and then waits to see if the step actually happened. Remember pin left(2), it tells us if we actually moved, but it is really slow about it. So, for instance if we are facing a tree, saw in hand, the first time we try to move we won't actually move, we will just cut the tree. Then we have to try to move again. That chain of OR gates is used to account for the delay in the GPS sensor. It's how long we have to wait before we can tell if we actually moved, or if we need to try again.

(Notice the use of 1-shots on the inputs. For instance: I don't have to worry about hitting the "move 2 steps" pin with power, and then having to quickly remove power to only take 2 steps. The 1-shot takes care of that for me.)

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