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Chest-4.png 4-slot chest


Lumber, 12


Wood, 72

Chest-6.png 6-slot chest


Lumber, 20


Wood, 120

Chests (4, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 20-slot) are used to store items somewhere other than in the robot's inventory. They are an integral prat of inventory management and automated crafting.

Chest basics

  • Chests can be placed on the ground, where they have an active player UI (see below.)
  • Chests can be stored in a robot's inventory.
  • Chests can be used with circuitry, to allow the robot to transfer items into and out of the chest.
  • A chest on the ground "slurps-up" items that are nearby.
    • A chest will not slurp up another chest nor any mobile (ex: robots).

NOTE: Both the furnace and forge act as small chests, holding items which can be

Chest UI

  • Tap any chest (or furnace/forge) on the ground to open its UI.
  • The top line (1) shows the maximum number of slots in the chest, as well as the available slots.
  • The center area (2) lists the chest's inventory, shown as a scrolling list. Item image, and quantity. "Full stacks" are highlighted.
  • Press-and-hold any item in the chest inventory to drag the specified number of items onto the ground, onto a robot or onto another chest.
  • Use the quantity selector (3) to drag all, a specific quantity or half of the items at a time.
  • Use the ± button (4) to alter the specific-quantity selected (example: to drag just 3 of an item.)
  • Toggle the No-carry button to fasten the chest to the ground, so your robot won't pick it up.
  • Toggle the Display Contents button to make the chest display its contents, even when closed.


A chest displaying its contents: Chest-display.png

Additional Furnace UI

In addition to working like a small chest, both the furnace and forge can be used to incinerate (destroy) their contents. (For simplicity, we'll use "furnace" below to mean both furnace and forge. The behaviour is the same.)

  • The furnace uses charcoal as fuel (1) to destroy its contents.
    • For each burn-cycle, a charcoal is consumed.
  • Items incinerated (burned) are destroyed forever, and cannot be recovered.
  • The BURN! button (2) causes the next item in the furnace to be destroyed.
    • The burn-confirmation safety (3) must be set before the burn button will work.
  • Furnace contents are burned a few at a time per burn cycle.
  • Contents destruction continues until either:
    • The fuel is consumed.
    • There are no more items to destroy.
    • The confirm switch is reset (turned off).
    • The furnace UI is closed.


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