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When you chop trees, you get random treasure -- for the "pine" trees, it's either wood or seeds or sometimes both. In terms of picking-up items, the robot can only pick-up so fast so, if he moves away from some treasure, he may leave some behind. This is an advantage of ping-pong (as opposed to one-direction) -- if the robot missed something initially, he'll go back and get it on the return pass.

Motivators / Farm grid

The game is played on an ISO grid, but early user-tests showed that diagonal motivators & bumpers -- those which go along the axis of the grid -- was confusing. The grid is still ISO, but the robot moves diagonally across it, in order to move N/E/S/W. If you've reached the edges of the farm, you see that it appears "diamond" shaped. Turns out that it's really "square", and that's just the isometric projection.

If you're into the math of it: the X-axis increases in what you might call a "NE" direction, while the Y-axis increases SE. The furthest-left corner of the farm is "0, 0".

Diagonal motivators made perfect sense to me but, in early useability-testing, every single person questioned it and most found the whole concept confusing.

New in Beta-2: cell grid display, user selectable in Settings.

Growing items sparkle

There is a "this is growing/changing/on-a-timer" sparkle. In the case of shoveled-clay, what was on the ground is what I call "mined-dirt", it's different from "dirt" that you plow with your hoe in that you can't plant seeds in it. After some small number of minutes, it reverts to "regular old" dirt which, after a much longer time, goes fallow (disappears, leaving bare grass.) Planted seeds also show the "growing" sparkle.