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At its core, World of RoboFarmCraft (WoRFC) is a Farm game where one plants seeds and harvests crops.


However, instead of you doing the farming yourself, you "program" robots to do the farming for you. The programming is done by connecting the robot's motivators (for movement), bumpers (to sense surroundings), grabber (to pick-up or drop items) and tools (crafted) either to direct power sources or through a series of simple logic gates (AND, OR, NOT, etc.)


Raw materials (wood, seeds, clay) can be crafted into tools, which can be used to produce more advanced crops and tools to harvest them more efficiently, including additional robots.


You can buy and sell from friends' farms, visit other people's farms, expand and form communities.

"World of RoboFarmCraft."

World of RoboFarmCraft is an iPad game available on the iTunes AppStore.

It was designed, coded and produced by Ted Oliverio (DBA

vsn. 1.0 was released on Oct 8, 2015; there have been regular updates since then.

World of RoboFarmCraft is available in the
iTunes App Store

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WoRFC trivia:

One of the early Beta testers has a robot named "Baby-bot" because, when the 1st robot was crafted, it was
improperly sized (about 66%) due to the display code mistaking it for a chip.

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WoRFC trivia:

One of the early Beta testers has a robot named "Baby-bot" because, when the 1st robot was crafted, it was
improperly sized (about 66%) due to the display code mistaking it for a chip.