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This page/section is under construction and is likely missing large pieces of information,
contains confusing/ambiguous descriptions, etc.
We believe it is correct as far as it goes, but even that isn't assured.
We're working to clean it up.

Mission Basics

  • Early on, the missions system act as a tutorial to introduce the basic game mechanic and how things work.
  • Most missions pay out a reward for completion.
  • You don't get credit for doing the things that the mission suggests until after you look at the mission at least once. This was done to prevent a different problem (which escapes my memory at the moment) where you completed missions you never knew you had.
    • There is a bug/enhancement request which will be fixed in an upcoming release wherein, if you've already done what the mission asks, the mission asks you to do it again. (Example: Craft A Furnace -- if you've already crafted a furnace, this mission wants you to make another one.)
  • After the initial game-mechanic/basics/tutorial missions, the main branch continues in a sort of "campaign mode", to guide you through the "normal" game progression.
    • There's no requirement to follow the missions, or to do things in the order suggested. The missions exist solely to aid the player in progressing in a way that is in keeping with the game design.
  • Often, completing a mission will result in the assignment of multiple "next" missions. There is no preferred order. One of the missions will continue the line, while the others typically dead-end after a mission or two. For example: Got Wood? is offered along side a couple of other missions, so you can continue progressing during the time it takes to collect the wood.
  • In addition to the main missions path, [Missions:Russ | Russ's Missions] explain the inner workings of the Russ robot and basic circuitry used in the game. These missions are slightly more advanced and, as such, are on a separate path.

Mission Glow

The Missions button should not sparkle unless you have at least 1 mission in the *NEW* section, which indicates that you've not read it, yet. Once you read a mission, it moves into the "In progress" section.

Individual Missions

Title Goals Rewards Comments
Welcome Dismiss a mission Coins Introduces the missions mechanism
Rusty Power Power-up robot Demonstrate robot power
Rusty Saw Select saw tool Demonstrate Inventory UI and tool selection
New Robot Dismiss mission view Introduces our "main" robot. Describes continuing missions paths.
Hot vs Cold Read mission description Introduces "hot" and "cold" wires & circuitry
Nodes & Power Place and wire a Node Introduces Nodes. Introduces soldering. Demonstrates power-management.
(Etc., there are more) ... ... ...